Who we are?

Mission Statement

UKWAZI seeks to create wealth for investors by providing professional language and communication services to meet the demand of organizations and individuals in the context conferences, workshops and seminars of clients requiring translation and interpreting on the African continent. The services will be provided using the latest conference communication technology and the best of interpreting and translation professionals.

Character and Purpose

Since the change of the political situation in 1994, South Africa has risen to be one of the most popular destinations for international conferences. Most of these conferences have required translation and interpreting of at lest more than two international languages and have lasted between one and fourteen days. The organizations involved in these conferences have included the UN and its agencies, the AU, NEPAD and other regional and international bodies. UKWAZI provides professional interpreters and translators to facilitate communications across different languages. We also provide conference communication equipment including interpreter booths to enable simultaneous interpreting. The qualifications and international experience of our interpreters and translators have ensured full satisfaction of our clients and sustain our competitive edge in the event management market.

Structure and Operations

UKWAZI CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLATORS (UKWAZI) is a registered private close corporation with 3 members. Company operations is undertaken by the members of the business working with a team of 72 translators and interpreters in 18 national and international languages, and an administrative team of 3 operating from the office in Pretoria.

We secure contracts and projects for the provision of conference interpreting and translation, along with the installation of conference communication equipment, supply of interpreters and translators, and where necessary, securing of venues for meetings, provision of transport services from airports in SA to destination conference centres. Also included in our operations are document proof reading, editing and sign language.
Our operations cover all countries in Africa including Madagascar and Mauritius and we facilitate multilingual meetings of between 10 and 1000 participants.